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Tarocco Released: 2000 | Distributed by Psy/Ops Type Foundry
Retail price: $ 89 | Download Pdf | Tarocco in use

Tarocco is a typical book face with good readability and rather tall x-height. The origin for this typface is found in Nordisk Antikva. A typeface especially constructed with attention for the Swedish language. Waldemar Zachrisson was determind to realize his ideas and in 1906 he began to cooperate with the foundry Genzsch & Heyse, based in Hamburg. Some in?uences of Jugendt can be found and the typeface were released in 1910. It became rather popular until around 1930. The MRF version includes 7 weights alltogether. A Sans Serif is planned for the future.

[ JUNE ] The new MRF site is finally done. Redesigned and loads of updates. Enjoy!
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