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MRF is skilled in all typographic pursuits, including:

Custom Type Design:
The importance of custom typography is increasing. Your organization's brand will be stronger and more unique as a result of your own unique typeface. Time and money will be saved in the long run. MRF can create distinctive original type or modify and expand an existing design.

MRF can take unfinished projects and turn them into working typefaces. We can also transform sketches, scans or any type of analog artwork into digital fonts.

Technical Services:
Through our vast network of digital type gurus, MRF offers services such as Spacing and Kerning, Vector Checking, Bitmap Building, Platform and Format Conversion, and Hinting. Contact us for an estimate or additional information.

For further information or cost estimates, please contact us.
[ JUNE ] The new MRF site is finally done. Redesigned and loads of updates. Enjoy!
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