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[June] The new MRF site is finally done. Redesigned and loads of updates. Enjoy!

[May] Experiments have been made for a serif counterpart to Sophisto. Let's see what the future brings�

The website redesign (and upgrade) is evolving as planned. To be released late May or early June.

[April] Delicato makes it into a book called 1000 Fonts - An Illustrated Guide to Finding the Right Typeface. We say Thank you!

First drafts of the redesign of MRF's new website are ready! Now full speed forward�

[March] MRF visit Robothon 09 in The Hague. The whole thing is of course very nice. Meeting up with familiar and new faces is always a good experience. Good food, well organised, healthy content etc.

Euroglory part 2 is released through Veer Inc. This makes the family complete. Now let's see if the design community likes it?

[February] MRF is "regrouping" and moving from the bigger space downstairs (a funky photo studio) to the smaller but brighter location upstairs (ground level) due to major reconstruction to the yard. The new locations will MRF's new home on a permanent basis.

The typeface Replay will be commissioned and released through Veer by the end of the year.

[January] MRF has kindly enough been asked to participate in a book called 2 colors. Final material is now delivered to the publisher Mao Mao Publications. We can't wait to see the printed result.

[ JUNE ] The new MRF site is finally done. Redesigned and loads of updates. Enjoy!
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