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Delicato Released: 2005 | Distributed by Fountain Type Foundry
Retail price: 229 | Download Pdf | Retail in use

In many aspects, built in a traditional way. Still, some modern details have been implemented which classic designs sometimes lack. The prime goal was to make a strong text font for books and longer texts in general. This fact does not exclude the possibilites for use elsewhere. Throughout history existing designs have often been the source of inspiration for newer ones. Delicato is no exception and looking closely, similarities can be found in the lowercase of Jeremy Tankard's Enigma and the stems of Petr van Blokland's Proforma. The goal is to respect these sources and turn the the typeface into something new with a unique and personal touch. Most text faces carry a basic set of weights like Regular, Italic, Bold and Small Caps. MRF wanted to expand that a little bit further and added a Medium, Alternates and a set of Ornaments to make the family complete and versatile. During 2008 Delicato was upgraded to Open Type Pro, which means characters have been added and the family now have a full support for Central European languages.

[ JUNE ] The new MRF site is finally done. Redesigned and loads of updates. Enjoy!
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