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Brasserie Released: 2007 | Distributed by Veer
Retail price: $ 79 | Download Pdf | Retail type in use

In 2001 I came across a book from the early 20th Century. It's about a classic brewery located in the town of Karlskrona in southern Sweden. Both of my parents were born in that city, and it had always been special to me. My grandfather often told me of the special taste that Karlskrona beer used to have. The brewery is now long gone, the same way that many type foundries have passed on. The headline typeface used in the book is beautiful, and was handmade by a local artist. After thinking about it for some time, I started to revive the design into the digital shapes which would eventually become Brasserie. The final design is about 80% true to the original, but some changes were made to fulfill more modern typographic needs. Instead of lowercases the typeface is equipped with small caps. Stefan Hattenbach, October 2007.

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