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Anziano Released: 2006 | Distributed by Fountain Type Foundry
Retail price: € 229 | » Download Pdf | » Retail type in use

Anziano follows the direction staked out with Delicato. When creating traditional typefaces, it is inevitable to be infiuenced by earlier designs. Anziano does show touches of another classic typeface – Weiss (by Emil Rudolf Weiss, 1926). Weiss is often misjudged and overlooked. Perhaps the most well known Swedish typeface – Berling (by Karl-Erik Forsberg, 1914–1995) is actually based largely on Weiss. MRF have appreciated the design of Weiss uprights for a long time. When Stefan Hattenbach bought the first Swedish edition of The Lord of the Rings (1959–61), in 2004, he was amazed by the excellent fiow of the text presented on each page. Despite the very original character that Weiss has, it was a pleasure to read a book set in such a typeface. MRF realized that several major foundries had already done interpretations of Weiss, more or less true to the original. MRF didn’t want to add on to that list! Instead Stefan tried to find his own path. Hopefully people will think that Anziano lives on its own. In the pdf booklet, details and features specific to this family, are explained in detail. During 2008 Anziano was upgraded to Open Type Pro, which means characters have been added and the family now have a full support for Central European languages.

[ JUNE ] The new MRF site is finally done. Redesigned and loads of updates. Enjoy!
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